IWK will offer home births starting Monday, September 23

Would you love a home birth? Well, now you can in the HRM area…below is a message from Jocelyn Vine, VP, Patient Care, IWK Health Centre:

The IWK Health Centre is pleased to announce that the IWK Community Midwives will begin to re offer the option of Home Birth with eligible mothers and families within the Halifax Region beginning Monday, September 23, 2013.

Strong support and financial funding from the provincial government have helped to build an incredible team of midwives who offer care with families in HRM who desire midwifery maternity care.

To date the IWK Health Centre has successfully recruited four full time midwives and one part time. This dedicated team of midwives work collaboratively with family practice physicians and obstetricians both within the community and the IWK Health Center, providing primary maternity care to low risk patients. The team works under the direction of Theresa Pickart, Clinical Leader for Midwifery Services at the IWK. Click here to read more about our midwives or to learn more about Midwifery services at the IWK.


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