Helping Hands Doula is now a registered business!

In the Winter of 2013, I made the decision to take the Birth and Postpartum Doula workshops through DONA International and I have never looked back. I have participated in several births and I recently decided to open my own business, Helping Hands Doula. I just registered my business with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies and today I just received all my marketing material in the mail.

This is an exciting time for me because I am doing something I love – supporting families during the most exciting yet scariest time in a parent’s life. As I have taken on this new role, I am confident, supportive, but always learning. I am researching, reading and keeping up with all the facts and trends of the labour journey.

My website is still a work in progress. I am busy mother and wife who works part-time. If you are looking for more information regarding my services, please contact me at 902-443-7226 or by email at Or leave your information below. I am excited to meet you!


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